sweeter when shared


Few people get to fall madly in love with what they do for a living, and even fewer people get to work with friends every day, pooling passion to produce something they truly believe in. These mango almond cookies found their way to my desk last week, and like most surprises, had to be shared. So we sat around a table and swapped stories; we dusted crumbs off our laps and laughed. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get tired of doing things together, or get tired of one another, but then I am reminded of our friendship and how it has both depth and lightness to it, and how it has come to transcend the daily grind. At the end of the day, we just want one another to be okay. I have always valued my solitude, and often I keep my thoughts and feelings contained like liquid in a small glass, as if they might spill over the edge and disappear forever. But with these girls I never feel crowded, and I am never afraid to not be alone.