1. For the loneliest people, there may be such a thing as too much sky and too much sea.
2. All that smooth clear blue tends to feel like a conspiracy; why are we so suspicious of stillness?
3. The light bargains with the clouds and shadows—please. I just need a little more time.
4. In books, in transit, in delicate whispers, we wonder if it is possible to trace everything back to a single source. We wonder about omniscience, omnipotence, transcendence—giant oak words that tower over us. We wonder if it is wise to use our faith to mark the place we call home when so many people end up lost.
5. And yet: There is far too much sky and far too much sea, and the world is too big, and life is too volatile, and we are too fragile, to not believe in Something with the maximum capacity of our hearts.