the heart on sleeve club*


Upon your arrival, they will tell you to sit
in a circle where you will feel safe
enough to think, "We are
all friends here." They will not ask
why you have come—they already know.
This is how it works: new inductees receive
some sort of Velcro badge,
while lifetime members get a sewing kit
for permanence (unless the laundromat messes up,
forgets needle-and-thread hearts are delicate).
One thing, though: you better have an answer
ready to "How did you find out about us?"
Shoes and socks optional—there is a man in Jesus
sandals, and a woman who puts up her feet, well-traveled
and bare, for everyone to see. Note-taking is allowed,
photographs encouraged, capture everything.
Refreshments will be served;
help yourself.

*Unfinished, and based on this tweet.