all nice things



Quiet weekends away from the city are nice, and so are road trips with good friends. So are secrets and confessions, truths and truths, a huge plate of paella and freshly baked pizza, almond cookies and barbecue potato chips, strings of paper lanterns and their peaceful glow, the sun and the sand and the sea. So are midnight convenience store pajama runs. So are laughs shared and songs played and memories collected, because although history doesn't always mean friendship, friendship always seems to mean history, whether you've known each other for a month or a year or seven. Our stories, together.

It is nice, too, to have someone miss you when you're gone, and to miss this person equally even when you're having an amazing time; to think, It seems impossible, at this moment, to be any happier, unless of course you were here.

2013 so far has been so full of love. I hope you can say the same. xx