in defense of leaving


"What you need," they declared firmly, 
"is some sort of structure. Boundaries. 
That's why houses have corners, walls,
locks." I wonder if I should have told
them that houses have windows too, and
doors, that eventually you learn to part
the curtains, turn the knob, let a bit 
of sunshine and fresh air in. I wonder 
if I should have told them what I knew: 
that this doesn't mean you don't bring 
along set of keys, that this doesn't 
mean you don't secretly hope someone 
remembers to leave the porch light on
for you, a map to guide you home, ready
to rest only after you've returned. 
wonder if I should have told them that 
just because people want to find some-
thing doesn't mean they've lost them-
selves, that just because people go away
doesn't mean they're never coming back.