you keep forgetting why you're on google


and what it was you meant to search for in the first place; did you want an update
on KimYe, or did you want to check if was still up and running?
There must be a word, most probably French, for this—when you are confused and
lost times two, because you need to find an answer but first you need to find the
question that you need to find an answer to, and really, who has time for that? not

you, certainly, with your twenty million errands and all the Instagram photos you
have to like (what will become of humanity if that little heart remains a gloomy 
gray?), not with all the crunches you have to do (Britney Spears supposedly did
500-1000 a day, but some reports say she once went up to 3000; don't even try,
you will keel over and die), not with all the emojis you can attach to every cutesy
inappropriate text you send your boss. Not you, nope, never, just... no. You keep

forgetting why you're on Google, and what it was you meant to search for in the
first place. You also keep forgetting: to take out the trash, the contents of your
refrigerator, your friends' birthdays, whether or not you locked the door, the 
thank-you note you swore you would write six months ago, that to a dragonfly
you are a giant without wings and someone has to tell it that you are both just
infinitesimal specks in space, everything you own that is damaged and has to be 
discarded or repaired, that now is now and nothing else (how can you possibly
forget something as small and simple as this), how important it is to breathe.