My yoga instructor says things that are farther from our centers tend to feel
heavier. This is why, if I hold my arms away from my body, it is only a matter
of time before they turn to leadThis is why my legs ache the next day when
I force my stretchesThis is why we carry our loads on our shoulders, on our
backs. This is why it is difficult to balance on the edge of anything. What he
didn't say out loud was: This is why goodbyes always weigh us down, when
people stray far from where they belong. This is why the surest thing in the
world is that people need to come home. That people want to come home.

This is why homesick feels exactly the way it sounds. This is why we choose
to hold the best things close to our hearts, keeping them in place, protected.
This is why I am always at my lightest wherever you are—it just took a while
to figure out, but nothing can be more true. This is why it hurts when you try
to leave. Every time. This is why I am never going to.