as it comes


My happy thoughts are a bit rom-com city girl predictable, but that doesn't make them any less effective: quirky artwork inspired by one of my favorite movies, good wine and truffle fries with work friends on a payday (payday!) Friday, a gorgeous new skin for my laptop, a little sister who is now in college and living so much nearer to me, tall shoes and a nice bag (plus the fact that, at the end of a long day, I can set my things down in the middle of the room and nobody will trip over them and/or make me pick them up), and precious weekend writing time all to myself. You've got to take life as it comes, and if that sort of sounds like something from a cheapass fortune cookie, well then that's because it probably is.

What you see above is an excerpt from a book I am hoping to finish soon soon soonest so that all you lovely people can finally read the weird and wonderful (mostly weird) stuff I've been brewing in my brain for the past several months. Something to keep me busy and something to look forward to: check and check.