on a break


This is the first weekend in months that I will not spend having an affair with my not-so-secret, not-so-side writing projects, and my sigh of relief comes not from what is over and done with, but from what is here and now. For a few days, while I am waiting for comments or approval or both, I can sleep earlier than three AM, not gulp down my coffee in the morning, catch up on the novel I've been neglecting in ways even neglect does not know, and just stare into space, which is basically my favorite thing in the world to do. 

This break comes aptly on the heels of a gorgeous Saturday rooftop shoot and an overnight planning session by the bay, high above the city. There is so much to work on—still—but that is always a good thing, and just because there is less time to sleep, read leisurely, drink coffee at a slow pace, stare into space, etc etc doesn't mean there is less time to feel. There should always be time to feel, and right now all I want to feel is calm, grace, gratitude for the people and places that weave in and out like chances. Days are full, but so are hearts.