I've been living in this city for a decade and it still manages to surprise me when I need it to. Re-discovered a Japanese restaurant I loved back in college, watched an improv show from the rear of a dimly-lit café and proceeded to get lost in Makati's maze of tiny streets (felt a bit like Norah minus the secret wealth, minus the crazy ex, minus the Nick) while foraging for food like jungle animals, ended up in a small bar-slash-Mexican-place that is apparently the hippest and most happenin' spot in town...for sexagenarians and older.

Also, boxes of beer. Not in photo: insanely cute hunk of a man sipping on a pinktini like it's NBD.

Last Tuesday, while rain danced on rooftops and knocked on windows, my music spirit animal (i.e., Jango) led me to "The Great American Napkin" by The Summer Skinny, and I know it said something else but what I heard then was Wait, wait, your heart will heal. Someone is trying to tell me something. I'm listening.

*All tame, Mom and Dad. I promise.