a christmas love letter


Here's the thing: you are every Christmas I have ever known.
You are the countdown, the anticipation, the waiting that looks
a lot like vivid, resolute hope. You are the colored sparkling lights
reflecting off streets slick with rain; you are the gentle chill that
stays long enough to feel like comfort. You are every present
I asked for as a child, every prayer I whispered with closed eyes
and clasped hands, every wish granted not because I deserved it
but because I was me, and that was enough. You are the joy of
waking up to a Christmas morning, the full souls feasting on
genuine smiles and easy laughter and kind words that won't
be said any other day. You are marshmallows melting and milk
chocolate kisses and the biggest slice of cake; you are wine-infused
confessions, cinnamon conversations—you are the sights and scents
and tastes of the sweetest corners of home. You are the story I will
tell in the years to come, curled up on the living room floor, safe
and warm from any sudden showers of sadness and the nights
that seem to have been built for loneliness. You are all the love
spoken out loud, every let your heart be light and may your days
be merry and bright. You are every overflowing heart that sings.

Happy holidays, darling boys and girls. <3