training wheels


Be careful, darling: the road is littered
with expectations. We are supposed to know
so much more than this; when we laced up
our sneakers we should've tightened
our chests, too, braced ourselves against
puddles and potholes and the flashing
headlights of impatient cars.

Be ready: in the next decade or so, life
will knock the wind out of us, and our
elbows and knees will know the pavement
all too well. Don't worry about dusting
yourself off—just get up when you can, let
the ground know the solid weight of your
silver linings. We are more than the sum
of our hurts. We are more.

Be steady: when the world teeters on
designer high heels and ladders that are
impossible to climb, feel your grip
on the handlebars, take yourself
to all the places you need to go. Keep
your balance like a secret.